Can you really boost your child’s development?

Can you really boost your child's development

Modern-day parents believe that intensive study to get a good score is mandatory for child future development, but it’s time to shift from heavy book loads to make the learning a fun activity & focus on holistic(Physical, Mental, Social, Emotional & Spiritual) development of a child.

Child growth

By following the H2H Method, your child will learn effortlessly & will grow in a holistic way to become a healthy & Successful person, 6 S H2H method– It is a set of 6 steps to guide how you help your child in holistic development.

  1. Skill Development– Assess your child’s overall development and the most important skills he/she needs to acquire in the early years to thrive well at school
  2. 7 Senses involvement– Select activities that engage multiple senses – sight, touch, taste, smell, hearing and movement (vestibular and proprioception)
  3. Slow music with movement
  4. Spend time in Play
  5. Support less in preparation, Direction & Resources– Plan activities that require fewer resources, less preparation, and less adult direction
  6. Short duration– Activities should not be longer because of less attention span of children.


Assess your child skills & what skills are needed for future?

What skills are you learning & reason behind it?  If you are singing a nursery rhymes, it may be for fun but also to teach rhythm, build phonological awareness, language

Structure, vocabulary, listening skills, patterning, auditory memory and many other important pre-reading skills that can’t be taught with worksheets.

First of all you should focus on five major areas of development.


The best activities will engage several of your child’s senses. Children learn by doing and by experiencing their world. You require only watch a baby to see that in action. They want to taste, touch and physically feel every single Thing.

Children up to the age of 6 are very much dependent on hands-on, real experiences to make sense of their world.

Senses 6 and 7 are the senses of movement in the body – proprioception and the vestibular system. Proprioception is a person’s sense of body awareness or position in space. The vestibular system, located in the inner ear, is responsible for the sense of Balance.


Aim to play with your child for 10 to 15 minutes, especially if you’re coming home from a long day at work.

  • Action songs and finger rhymes
  • Dancing and moving to music
  • Finger painting
  • Playing with play dough
  • Playing with sand and water
  • Listening to stories
  • Singing songs and rhymes having chats
  • Engaging in fantasy play
  • Building puzzles
  • Playing memory card games playing with blocks, construction toys, Legos, dominoes Pegboards, threading & lacing.

Give time to your child to play independently.

Children are learning the most during free play. In this way you are giving them a chance to develop skills such as:

  • problem solving
  • creative thinking concentration vocabulary
  • critical thinking skills imagination
  • gross and fine motor coordination visual and auditory perception early maths and science concepts.

A Types of play your child require:

  • Symbolic play (fantasy, dress-up, pretend play)
  • Physical play (running, climbing, etc)
  • Creative play (art, music, etc)
  • Constructive play (building with blocks, Legos, boxes, etc)
  • Competitive play (games with rules)
  • Sensory play (sand & water)
  • Quiet play (pegboards, puzzles, games, etc)
  • Reading and paging through books independently.


All activities should be simple for the biggest benefits.

LESS STEP:- Activities should have less steps to make them easy.

LESS DIRECTION:- You should direct or interfere less for igniting creativity in his/her mind.

LESS TIME:- Children have less attention. It may be 2 or 3 minutes per year of age. That’s 6 to   9 minutes for a 3-year-old.So all activities should be short.

LESS PREP:- All activities should require less preparation.

LESS PRESSURE:- Child should not be pressurized for activities. Your aim should be to make your child happy only.

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