Give your child the best chance for success with our Behavior analysis system

To know the strength & weakness of your child. Opportunities (Professional scope) for your child & to make a strong foundation of Healthy Lifestyle.

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Holistic Health Check-up

Holistic2Healthy has brought a holistic health checkup for your child. So that your child’s physical, mental, social and intellectual development can be done properly. We will tell strength, weakness, professional scope & disease risk of your child.

Professional scope will save the time and reduce the stress of child and parents both.

It will save 46 thousands child lives per year due to stress.

Due to increasing screen time and stress every 5th child is sufferring from developmental disorder, behavioral issues like Autism, ADHD, Hyperactivity & Other psychological problems.

Holistic2Healthy is our registered Trademark and we have a wide panel of experts using unique methods of prevention and cure by finding the root cause.

We have applied for copyright of our innovative approach.

A Holistic Health Check up initiative by WHO, UNICEF & ISSA.

UNICEF, WHO & ISSA join forces to enable to all children in Europe and central Asia region to develop their full potential. Read More

According to the WHO, the foundation for lifelong health and productivity is laid during pragnancy and in early childhood. Adopting a holistic approach in early childhood will lead to faster development of physical, mental, social and intellectual abilities of the child.

That’s why UNICEF, WHO and ISSA together have launched a new web platform, to help transform traditional health checkups into holistic health checkup for every child, and the child’s full potential can be developed.

Thats why holistic 2 Healthy has braught a holistic health checkup for your child.

Assessment & Analysis

Holistic Health Check-up includes innovative health evaluation & unique behavior analysis patterns by a panel of traditional & modern health experts under one roof.

It includes Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, traditional Japanese & Chinese medicine, Yoga, Diet, Psychology, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Functional Medicine experts to analyze the root cause & treat the body as a whole.

Our unique approach will detect autism / ADHD and behavioral issues as early as possible to improve children and family members quality of life.

Components of holistic Health check-up.

Strength & Challenges of your child will be told (like Energetic, Goal Oriented, All Ought to win, Enjoy Talking to people and Making Friends, Attached to Parents, Prefers to be organized, love for logic & Pattern, & Natural Care giver etc.) 

Opportunity/ Professional Scope for your child based on his/her strength will be indicated (like Police, Doctor, Cricketer, Actor, Politician, Businessman, Athlete, singer etc.)

Early detection of any developmental challenges/Behaviour issues (like Hyperactivity, Learning problem or attention deficit etc.) will be done.

Strong foundation of a healthy lifestyle will be developed by our innovative approach.

Doctor consultation will be done to evaluate to your child health associated risk factors.

21st century skills required for your child will be told.

Your child’s physical, mental, social and intellectual health will be covered.

Our Success Stories!!!

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Invest in your child's future with our innovative Health Checkup-Behavior analyzing and patterns system.


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Patient Experience


My child is having attention & writing problem & I came to holistic 2 healthy by my sister recommendation, Consulted doctor & psychologist & noticed drastic improvement in my child. Thank You H2H

Rita Kothari


My 2 year son was hyperactive and not speaking, I contacted H2H , consulted with doctor & Psychologist & taken interventions. My son improved to a great extent in 3 months.



My daughter was slow learner & some speech problem. We have taken services of H2H & now my daughter is doing very well in 6 months.


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Disclaimer:- Health checkup and Suggestions based on HOLIESTIC HEALTH (Pannel of Traditional and Present Advance Therapy Expert in one roof) Allopathic, Ayurveda, Homeopathic, Traditional Japaneese, Chinese medicine, Yoga, Dietician, Psychologist, NLP Nerulogistic Programing, Functional Medicine to analyse the Root Cause.

Health Conscious/freak Person – can ask for suggestion and treatment for specific Pathy Or Combination of the all Pathy for Natural and without side effect method.

HOLISTIC HEALTH is our Registered Trade Mark and We have a wide pannel of Experts using Unique method of Prevention and Cure SPECIAL METHOD of treatment and finding the disease root cause before it harm.

By default We give Combination of the all Pathy for Natural and without side effect method.