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Holistic Treatment

Mind, Body and Soul to reduce your cost of treatment for chronic disease like Obesity, High BP, Diabetes, Anxiety, Insomnia & thyroid disease by modern and alternative medicine. Mindfulness meditation, Lifestyle changes, NLP &Hypnotherapy, medicine & nutritional supplementation



Yoga & Exercises



Balance Body Mind

Impact of Holistic Treatment on Body

It works on Mind, Body & Soul by modern & alternative medicine without any Side effects.

Our Expert

Dr. D K Rai


Dr D K Rai (MBBS. MD.PGDHM.) is holistic consultant and NLP Trainer with 15 years’ experience. He has trained 10000 doctors and staff of 70 hospitals. He is strong supporter of holistic medicine combination of modern and alternative medicine.He believes in treating diseases by combination of medicine, diet, lifestyle changes and psychology.

Soni Gupta

Yoga Trainer

She is experienced yoga trainer. She has trained more than 1000 people in yoga.

Sakshi Rana


Why to Use Holistic2Healthy

Holistic Approach by modern alternative medicines at reasonable price (money saving), Quick result (Time saving) Full online monitoring, No side effects.


I began my weight loss journey in June 2021 at 81.3kg. The holistic treatment program of Holistic2Healthy changed my life. Thank you!
Pankaj Gupta
Financial Advisor (Service Man)
I’ve struggled with being оverweight and I’ve tried аll measures аnd gоne tо many weight lоss clinics but nоthing changed, but Holistic2healthy рrоgrаm really wоrks! The hоlistiс treаtment fоr weight lоss is different аnd unique аnd I соntinue tо lоse weight week аfter week!
Juhi Singla
Web Developer
Holistic2healthy is very good to deal with my weight loss journey. Big thank you
Sweety Jain


Packages For you as per your needs

We are committed to motivate you to become the best version of yourself. We will do this by a group of professionals including doctor, Dietician, Yoga Trainer, Life coach and Hypnotherapist You will be transformed through our packages. Losing weight isn’t very easy – you know. But with the packages of The Best Healths you’ll get the tools you require to successfully take weight off – & maintain it.

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