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NABH Consultant Service In India

Our NABH and Hospital Consultancy Division of Holistic2healthy is New Quality Consultancy Services

What is NABH?

  • National Accreditation Board of Hospital & Healthcare Providers
  • NABH is a constituent board of Quality Council of India(QCI), set up to establish and operate accreditation and other allied programmes for healthcare organizations
  • QCI established in 1997 through a Cabinet decision of the Government of India (GoI) – QCI is an autonomous organization under the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

What is NABH Certification?

A Third-party audit of your Hospital Quality by independent person (Assessor) Empanelled by NABH (Government Autonomous Body) focusing on patient safety and quality of healthcare by adopting various national/international best practices. It Ensures -

  • Patient Safety
  • Legal Safety
  • Professional Safety
  • Staff Safety
  • Financial Safety


  • Hospital above 10 Beds
  • Single Specialty Hospital (Eye, ENT) No bed criteria
  • Blood Bank
  • Laboratory
  • Medical Imaging System (CT/MRI/USG Centre)
  • Dental Clinic
  • Allopathic Clinic
  • Aayush Centre

Benefits of NABH for the Hospital

  1. Existing TPA/Panel will continue due to IRDA Circular, NABH –Entry level mandatory for Hospital Empanelment & Continuation
  2. New Empanelment of TPA due to certified information on facilities, infrastructure& quality of care
  3. Cash Patient will increase due to increase in community confidences
  4. CGHS Empanelment& 10% Extra than non-NABH accredited.
  5. ECHS Empanelment& 10 %Extra than non-NABH accredited.
  6. In Ayushman Bharat 10% extra in entry level & 15% extra in Full accreditation
  7. Decrease in Hospital Acquired Infection, Rate of Pressure Ulcers(Bed Sores),Patient Mortality will increase quality of care & reduce operating cost
  8. Raises community confidence
  9. Opportunity to benchmark with the best

Patient Safety

  1. Staff are properly Dressed with I card.
  2. Regularly Trained on Patient care Etiquette & Behavior.
  3. Proper Directional Sign Board for Lab, OPD, Reception, Casualty & other Services.
  4. List of Consultants with OPD Timings.
  5. Complaint/ suggestion Register/ Box for sharing their Experiences.
  6. Feedback of Patients analyzed & Corrective actions taken & informed to complainant
  7. There is Emergency Response Team to handle Fire , Violence issues & Medical Emergency.
  8. Patient Safety is priority, Grab bar , Side Rail, Fire alarm system
  9. Prevention of Hospital Acquired Infection

Professional Safety

  1. Proper documentation of Visiting patient will safe you in Negligence Cases, So write Name date, time & Sign in each Visit.
  2. Take proper consent Bilingually (Hindi& English)before doing any procedure/ Surgery.
  3. Surgical safety checklist must be filled properly to ensure write patient, site & Emergency Preparedness like Blood & other arrangements.

Staff safety

  1. Regular Health checkup of staff.
  2. Vaccination of staff.
  3. Radiation exposure prevention & monitoring.
  4. Regular training & emergency response team for Violent Patient , Fire & Medical Emergency.
  5. Personal Protective equipment to avoid Legal Hassle & Other Problems

Legal Safety

  1. Bio Medical Waste Act 2016- Regular Training on BMW to avoid Mismanagement of BMW.
  2. AERB Act- mandatory Registration of X Ray, C Arm & CT scan, TLD Badges for radiation exposure monitoring.
  3. Safety in MLC cases- Proper Documentation will protect you.
  4. Proper System to handle Medical Emergency like Code Blue Team
  5. Fire Safety Training will avoid mishappening in future & Staff will be aware about role in Fire Accidents.


  1. It is a very lengthy procedure & it is not possible by small hospitals-It is a systematic process done by any hospital by the commitment of Top Management.
  2. It is a very costly Procedure-It is not very costly but revenue generating process for future& need of hour
  3. It requires drastic changes in infrastructure-It requires systematic modification to a certain extent to improve Patient & Hospital safety& quality of care.
  4. It can be taken by Money/ Under the table Method-It is very transparent procedure reviewed at various level by Expert Committee.


  1. A Hospital willing to accredited by NABH must implement NABH Standards in its Organization.
  2. The Hospital must implement NABH standards 3 months prior to application.
  3. The Pre & Final Assessment team will check the implementation of NABH Standards in the organization.
  4. The Hospital shall be able to demonstrate to NABH Assessment team that all NABH Standards applicable to Hospital are Implemented otherwise they will raise the Non Conformity (NC)
  5. You must close those NC’s &then case will be presented to accreditation committee.
  6. Then your hospital will be NABH Accredited.

Our Clients

  • Ajay Pratima Hospital, Bareilly
  • Global Hospital, Bareilly
  • Kailash Eye Hospital Bareilly
  • Garg Hospital & Path LabBareilly
  • Ruchi Atul Hospital Bareilly
  • Sunayan Eye Hospital Bareilly
  • Kailash Hospital-Bareilly
  • Mahesh Hospital Delhi
  • R S Grover Hospital Delhi
  • J P Memorial HospitalDelhi
  • Valentis Cancer Hospital Meerut
  • Chirag HospitalGurgaon
  • Arya Hospital Delhi
  • Patel HospitalDelhi
  • K.K.HospitalBareilly
  • Dharmdutt City Hospital Bareilly
  • Deepmala HospitalBareilly
  • Susheel HospitalBareilly
  • Vaidik HospitalBareilly
  • Advanced Neo Paeds Care Centre Bareilly
  • Mahendra Gayatri Hospital Bareilly
  • Alaunus Hospital Bareilly
  • Srinath Medicity HospitalBareilly
  • Saheed Bhagat Singh Eye Hospital Bareilly
  • Galaxy Hospital Delhi
  • Rajul Endoscopic Hospital Aligarh
  • Kumar Nursing Home Aligarh
  • Geetanjali Hospital Gurgaon
  • Global HospitalBulandsahar
  • P. D Gupta Mediscan CentreDelhi
  • Goyal Hospital & Urology Centre Delhi
  • Ganesh Diagnostic& Imaging Centre Delhi
  • Care & Cure Hospital, Ghaziabad
  • Swasthya Hospital, Delhi
  • G R Hospital & Research Centre,Agra
  • Agra Heart Centre,Agra
  • Perfect Tyagi Hospital, Delhi
  • Devendra Hospital, Bareilly
  • Murti Nursing Home, Bareilly
  • Choubey ENT Centre, Bareilly
  • Medhansh Hospital, Bareilly