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Help Poor Autistic Children.

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a range of disabilities that can cause significant social, communication, and behavioral challenges. it is estimated that 1 in 68 children has autism, making it a common developmental disorder.
Unfortunately, many autistic children do not receive the help they need because their parents cannot afford the necessary services. If we could take a small initiative to help them, their life could be transformed to a great extent.

There are many ways that you can help poor autistic children in your local community. One way is to donate money to organizations that work specifically with autistic children who come from low-income families.
Another way is to donate your time by volunteering at an organization that helps autistic children. You can also raise awareness about autism and the difficulties that these children face by talking to your friends and family about it, or by writing about it on social media or on your blog. Finally, you can advocate for policies that will help improve the lives

India's Autism Awareness Challenge

According to a research, 1 in 100 children under the age of 10 is affected by Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in India. (Katsnelson, 2018, Spectrum).In India & all over the world the biggest problem is there is no distinct method of treatment for girls or boys, as per the needs of their socio-cultural and physiological needs. A large population of children with Autism are born to parents from poor economic backgrounds, who either have no knowledge of ASD or no access to get help for required timely interventions.
Private treatment is very costly which is not affordable for even lower middle class. NGO,s in this field are struggling for funding. That is why we have started India’s FIRST Online holistic health checkups with report to make you healthy & give a new life to a autistic child. Report will include diet, exercise, lifestyle modification, weight &stress management advice. You will also get a doctor consultation & online tracking of weight, blood sugar & calories.

One thing you can do to help is to book health checkups for yourself. It will generate resources for poor autistic children. This will help them get the care and support they needed. There is a great need to improve the health of autistic children so that they can enjoy their fruitful life. You can book your health checkups to do your bit for the society and give a new life to an autistic child.

If a poor child of more than 2 years not speaking near you, inform us on our helpline number.
Our team will contact the child. Online assessment will be done from 1 July to 30th September & management will be started FREE of cost from 1 st October2022 onwards.

Assessment of a child will be done by experts & management will be supervised by Occupational therapist, Speech therapist, special educators & psychologist under guidance of a doctor.

We believe that early detection is key to preventing bigger problems including Autism . By early diagnosis & intervention can improve social, communication, and behavioral challenges to a great extent.

So please send name & mobile number of parents of any poor child not speaking of more than 2 years at 9773935777 (Help line Number)